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Show Some Respect!

Read 1 Peter 2:13-17. The relationships in a church or Salvation Army corps are precious. When they come under attack from those who want to complain about everything, or criticise what’s happening, or hang around with a negative attitude, or cause arguments or disagreements, the church is in danger.

Perhaps one of the chief dangers these days is a lack of respect. As the world has focused on people’s rights and entitlements and on flattening social hierarchies, so a dangerous side effect seems to be less value placed on showing respect. The Bible makes it clear that Christ followers should show respect to everyone – our parents, civil authorities, church leaders, spouses, basically everyone. No one is left out. Why does God think respect is so important? Because he created each one of us. No matter how many wrong decisions we make, we are still valuable to God. So valuable in fact, that Jesus – God’s Son – died for us. How can we show lack of respect to someone who God values so much?

Our mission as Salvationists in the United Kingdom and Ireland, in common with all Christians everywhere, is to Love God and Love Others. Love always treats people with respect. Let’s keep learning to love one another, and in doing so, let’s be eager to show each other respect.


Think about the following:

•           Why do you have trouble showing respect to some people?

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