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Read Matthew 22:34-40. Right at the beginning of the first Coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, I saw a picture that said, “To my friends saying they can’t wait to hug everyone when this ends. I didn’t hug you before this started and I’m not hugging you after!”

Not all of us value physical touch as a way of communicating love, but many of us do, and have missed hugging and shaking hands over the past two years. Just a few weeks ago, I received a hug for something that I’d done, and it seemed extra special for not having had one for so long from someone I had ministered to. Many of us can start to feel unloved without physical touch.

This can be especially true in times of crisis. As a pastor, it has hurt not to be able to hug people who have faced illness, grief, and bereavement, particularly when I could see the person longed for the comfort physical touch can bring.

Of course, the virus is still a threat to many of us as you listen to or read this daily devotional today. But asking someone if they don’t mind receiving a hug or a handshake is possible. They may just have been longing for one! Even bumping elbows can be all it takes to make someone feel loved today.


Think about the following:

oIf you feel comfortable enough to do so, who could you reach out and touch in love today?

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