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Read Exodus 2:11-25. Do you ever find yourself in a hopeless situation and wondering if praying about it will actually work? When all around you seems hopeless, when God seem silent and uninterested in your situation, it’s tempting to think that praying is a waste of time.

It would have been tempting for the Israelites to look at their situation – the might of the Egyptians, the hundreds of years of slavery they had endured – and to think, God’s forgotten us. Who do we think we are, even thinking God would be interested in our plight?

But prayer works because God is in control, and he always comes through on his promises. He had promised the Israelites they were his chosen people. His power and authority were greater than the Egyptians, and now was the time for him to act. In his wisdom and goodness, he sent Moses to be their leader and to lead them out of Egypt and slavery.

Your situation is in God’s control. You may not be able to change it. But he can. Pray to him. Leave your situation with him. He’s in control. He knows best and he will answer at the right time and in the right way.


Think about the following:

oHow do your prayers reveal whether you truly believe God is in control of the universe?

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