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Let Go of the Safety Net

Read Isaiah 29:1-24. If you’ve ever watched a high wire artist at work, you will know they are often aided by a safety net. It is there in case anything else fails. Perhaps the artist loses their balance, or a piece of equipment breaks. If so, then the safety net will catch them and keep them safe.

We think many of things we trust in – power, success, money and control – are our safety nets. They will save us just when we need it.

But when proclaim Jesus is Lord! those safety nets must be let go. We cannot trust both in wealth and possessions or reputations and in the Lord. It is either one or the other. Whatever you trust to give you your worth and security is your god. God wants to be your God!


Think about the following:

•What might you be trusting in to give you the happiness and security that you need that prevents you from fully embracing Jesus as your Saviour and Messiah?

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Rob Westwood-Payne

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