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Keep Going to the End!

This week we are focusing on what happens when we are generous.

Read 2 Corinthians 9:1-15. Many of us sharing this devotional are “middle milers,” in the middle of the Christian race. It’s a place often less thrilling than the start of the race or reaching the end. It requires stubborn determination to keep going. We need motivation to persevere. And sometimes, we need a prod to rediscover our enthusiasm for doing the right thing.

The Corinthian Christians were initially enthusiastic about contributing to the collection for their brothers and sisters in Jerusalem. In fact, their willingness to do so had encouraged the Macedonian church to do the same. But now Paul is worried. The Corinthian collection has not yet been sent. Has their enthusiasm for it waned? In these two verses, Paul gives them a little prod to rekindle it.

Perhaps there are times we need to be reminded of God’s ways. We know – indeed we are eager – to be generous as our Heavenly Father is generous. But as middle milers, sometimes we can forget this principle for living. May Paul’s encouragement be encouragement for us all!


Think about the following:

oHow do you decide what to give, and to whom?

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