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Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
Jesus: The Most Important Part of The Church

I grew up at Norwich Citadel Salvation Army. Every Sunday, on my way into the main hall, I would pass several foundation or dedication stones that were memorials to those who played a special part in opening the building for Salvation Army worship. I often used to wonder who they were and what part they played. But many of them were long forgotten.

Peter describes Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of the church, the most important part of God’s building. Peter tells us that he is totally trustworthy. A cornerstone that could give way at any minute, would be no good in a building. Likewise, we need the solid foundation of Jesus Christ himself to help us build the church.

He is precious to us as believers. We recognise we are his chosen people and that we belong to him. It is he who enables and empowers us to show his goodness to others.

Though many have rejected him, Jesus Christ is the most important part of the church. He saves us. He gives meaning to our lives.

Let’s ensure we are building our lives and the life of our church on Jesus Christ. The church rests on him. And he will build us together, creating a place where God lives by his Holy Spirit.

Think It Over

Think about the following:

•        What is the most important part of your church?

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Rob Westwood-Payne

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