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Jesus Can Save You from Yourself

Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
Jesus Can Save You from Yourself

Read Matthew 1:18-25. Do you sometimes feel as if you are your own worst enemy? Do you make choices you know are bad for you, seemingly unable to stop yourself? Many of us simply need saving from ourselves!

The problem is that each one of us entered the world with a sinful nature. Salvation Army doctrine describes us as “totally depraved” – which is a bit Victorian – but simply means that every part of our lives is touched by sin. As Max Lucado puts it in his book, Because of Bethlehem:

The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart.

Only God can fix that problem. We cannot save ourselves. He must save us from ourselves. The angel of the Lord explained to Joseph that Mary’s son – Jesus, the Son of God – would save us all from our sins.

Jesus’ name literally means, God saves. Jesus is “God saves”. God does not simply sympathise about our sin. He doesn’t just listen to us as we complain about the bad choices we make. He doesn’t just help us try to make better decision or simply assist us in avoiding temptation. He doesn’t stand idly by and then applaud us when we sometimes make good choices. He saves us.

We can find true peace this Christmas because we are saved from ourselves. We are saved from the guilt of our sin. God continues to save us from the problem of our sin. And when Christ returns, we will finally forever be saved from our sin. Thanks be to God!


Think about the following:

•          When was the last time you thought you “just weren’t yourself” in a particular situation?

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