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How To Start Building The Kingdom Of God Right Now

Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
How To Start Building The Kingdom Of God Right Now

Read Matthew 17:1-9. Are you a talker? I’ve met people who can sit for hours and say nothing. I’ve also met people who can “talk the hind legs off a donkey”!

If you’re one of the latter, then this report of Jesus being transformed on a high mountain whilst three of his closest disciples watched on has some good news in it for you!

Matthew reports that as Jesus was transformed, his face shone like the sun and his clothes became as white as light. Then suddenly, two of the most important people in the Jewish faith – Moses and Elijah – appeared with Jesus. And what were they doing? They were all talking together!

This transformation was a foretaste of heaven – and the participants were talking! Why? Because in the Kingdom of God, relationships matter. The Kingdom of God reminds us we are individuals that are part of a wider whole, connected by relationships – our relationship with God, and our relationship with others.

The great thing is we don’t have to wait until heaven before we start talking! We can have them today (and some of us have a lot of catching up to do to some others!). We can talk with God. And we can have good conversations with each other. Both are good training for eternity.

The Kingdom of God is a community. One day it will be the perfect community. You and I can start building it today. And all we have to do is talk!


Think about the following:

•           Who does God want you to have a good conversation with today?

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