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How to Serve God by Serving Others

Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
How to Serve God by Serving Others

This past weekend, many in the United Kingdom and around the world have enjoyed watching the Coronation of King Charles III. Amid all the pomp and circumstance, this week in Battle Drill Devotionals, we are reminded Jesus described leadership from a new perspective – of serving people.

Read Mark 9:33-37. When it comes to leadership, who do you admire? Your answer will reveal much about how you view leadership.

Real leadership is about serving others. That’s what Jesus taught us. He told the people around him that his mission on earth was to serve others and give his life away. He wants us to have the same servant heart. Servant leaders appreciate others’ worth more than their own and realise they are not above any job. If they see something that needs doing, they simply get on with it. They don’t feel entitled to high positions, honours, and special privileges. Instead, they look for ways to help others.

Whether you find yourself with leadership responsibilities or not, each one of us is called to serve God by serving others. One day you will serve God forever in heaven. In the meantime, he wants you to practice serving him by serving those around you.

You can use whatever you are good at – whatever gifts, talents or abilities God has given you – to serve others. What needs doing today?

Think It Over

Think about the following:

  • What do you look for in a spiritual leader? What does that say about how you view leadership?

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