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Happy People Know They Can Call on God with Confidence

Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
Happy People Know They Can Call on God with Confidence

Read Jeremiah 29:1-23. How close are you to God today? Can you sense his presence in your life, or are you disconnected from him?

Maybe today you feel far away from God. Maybe you haven’t been to church in years. Maybe the Coronavirus pandemic has prevented you from attending and you feel disconnected from God and his people. Maybe you find yourself in difficult circumstances and God seems distant and aloof. Maybe you’ve just had one of those weeks – busy and stressful – where you think, “I just don’t feel God’s presence in my life just now.”

God’s people found themselves in a difficult place and time. Exiled from their city and enslaved in the enemy city of Babylon. But Jeremiah told them they need not despair. God was with them. He was ultimately in control. They could reach out and speak to him at any time in prayer and he would answer with his grace.

God’s promise is that however far away you might seem from him today, you can call on him with confidence. God can always be found by those who seek him wholeheartedly. Nothing can break your communion with God. God wants to be close to you, whatever your circumstances, and he promises that whenever we get serious about seeking him, we will never be disappointed. May you find God in your day today!


Think about the following:

oWhat things are getting you down and stressing you out and keeping you from being close to God? What could you do to let go of those today?

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