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Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
Happiness: Peace Comes from Gratitude

Today’s #BattleDrill: The search for happiness is a universal human longing. Where can we find it? This week, we focus on Paul’s words as we consider the source of our happiness. #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional

Read Philippians 4:2-20. Are you a worrier? Does it make you happy? I suspect even those of us who worry for a living don’t do it because it makes us joyful!

So how can we stop worrying? Paul says that instead of worrying about anything, we should pray about everything instead. Anytime you start to worry, check yourself, and turn to prayer instead.

Paul is specific about the type of prayer to pray too. He encourages us to ask for what we need, and crucially, to thank God for all he’s done. Why is that crucial? Because being grateful to God for all we’ve received from him brings peace. That’s where we find happiness.

Take some time today to tell God what you’re thankful for. Be specific. Then tell him what you need and stop worrying about it. I guarantee you’ll feel happier when you do!


Think about the following:

•Why do you think gratitude is so important to our happiness?

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