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This week we focus on David’s cry of lament in Psalm 22. As God responds, David chooses to gather with his people in worship. This can help us search for the stars in the midst of our own trauma.

Read Psalms 22:1-31. What do you do when God seems a million miles away? What do you say to God when you are struggling through a major trauma in your life?

It’s easy to gather with your church family and to worship when things are going well. But sometimes you find yourself in a really difficult or traumatic time in your life. What do you do then?

One thing you can do is gather together with others and simply voice your complaints to God. That’s what the psalmist does here. He laments that God seems to have abandoned him. God seems far away, and it hurts. In the midst of his difficulty, the psalmist cries out to God, but God does not answer. He lies awake at night, pouring out his heart to God, but nothing seems to make his situation better.

Of course, God hadn’t abandoned the psalmist. And he won’t desert you either. God has promised he will never leave us. He will never abandon us. So, you can cry out to him your complaint. He’s listening. He may answer and act in his own time. He may remain silent for a while. But he will fulfil his promises to you. One day, you will gain the victory. Hallelujah!


Think about the following:

oWhere have you found your faith in the middle of your struggles?

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