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Read Matthew 22:34-40. Can you remember the first time you gave someone a gift? Maybe it was flowers from a garden for your mum, or a chocolate heart for your first Valentine, or a pair of socks at Christmas for your Uncle Fred. We often remember gifts we have given and gifts we have received because they are visual symbols of love.

God is, of course, the ultimate gift-giver. Everything we have is a gift from him. Everything in the created world is a gift. He gives his gifts of salvation, grace, and mercy. He gives us gifts of talents and skills. And his Holy Spirit gives us specific gifts for use in the service of others.

What can we do to show our gratitude for these gifts from God? We can give something back to him. When I gave Gail a ring on our wedding day as a symbol of my love for her, she gave a ring back to me to show me that she loved me too.

Why not set aside some time today to give God a gift. If you’re a musician, why not sing to him or play him your instrument? If you’re a dancer, you could dance a dance for him. If you’re a baker, then why not make him a cake (and if you decide to give it away after you’ve baked it, you might make someone else’s day too!). You could write him a letter or a poem. Or you could do something else equally as creative. Take time to express your love to God today.


Think about the following:

oWhat gift could you offer to God today as an expression of your love for him?

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Rob Westwood-Payne

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