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Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
Get Ready to Receive the Best Gift Ever Given

Read Luke 7:36-50. Advent is full of anticipation. We anticipate the giving and receiving of gifts. We anticipate a feast. Many of us anticipate peace and quiet after a busy season!

Some of us may be anticipating the arrival of guests into our homes, either for a meal, or for a longer stay. We may be preparing to show hospitality, to make them feel warmly welcome in our homes. This might include cleaning and tidying, making a bed up or preparing a meal.

Hospitality was highly valued in Jesus’ day. As this story shows us, welcoming a guest might include greeting them with a kiss, providing water for them to wash the dust from their feet, and anointing them with oil. These gestures made guests feel wanted and appreciated.

Advent is an opportunity to get ready to welcome Jesus into our world. To tell him that not only do we worship him, but we want and appreciate his presence too. In his book, Because of Bethlehem, Max Lucado asks:

“If you knew Jesus was coming tomorrow, what would you do today? Then do it! Live in such a way that you would not have to change your plans.”

Let’s live in anticipation of Jesus’ return and be ready to welcome him. After all, he is the best gift we can ever receive.


Think about the following:

•          In what ways might you need to reschedule your life to prepare for Christ’s return?

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