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Read Matthew 6:19-34. Have you ever asked someone, “How’s things?” or “How are you?” and received the reply, “Busy!”?

I try very hard not to say it, because I’ve come to realise that what I’m trying to say (to myself probably more than the person I’m saying it to) is “I’m important”. Busyness has become a status symbol! We buy more and more things to save us time, but of course, they do not, in the long run.

We never seem to have time. The one thing Western culture, with its abundance of things never seems to have enough of is time. And a lack of time impacts other important things too: relationships and wisdom, for example. We short-change our families and friends because we’re too busy. We make bad decisions because there’s never enough time to reflect on what we should do next.

Jesus brings us up short: Why are you always worrying? Why are you anxious about what to eat, drink and wear? Don’t worry about tomorrow! Seek God’s Kingdom instead and find the time you need for what you really need.


Think about the following:

•What are the one or two things you really should prioritise? What might you have to stop doing to do that?

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Rob Westwood-Payne

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