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Do you know where the word hypocrite comes from? In Greek theatre, the acting company would be quite small, so the actors were required to play five or six different parts each. They would differentiate between the characters by wearing different masks. Actors that did that were known as hypocrites. Apt, isn’t it? Hypocrites today still wear masks. They try to appear to be something they’re not. They play a part.

Wisdom is learning not to wear a mask. To be genuine and authentic with people. To be open with God and with other people about your weaknesses. It’s getting away from perfectionism and pretending you’ve got everything together. What happens when you take off the mask? God promises to show you mercy. And godly people will do the same. Most people will appreciate your honesty, and it may encourage them to be open about their own weaknesses too. It’s the best way to build an authentic and genuine community.


Think about the following:

•Do you have a weakness you try to hide from other people? What do you think they would say if you were honest to them about it?

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Rob Westwood-Payne

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