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If we’re going to be God’s Future Builders, then we must be financially free. This week, we discover ways to ensure money supports God’s purpose for our lives rather than enslaves us.

Read Luke 16:1-15. If God asked you to sell your house, what would you say? If he asked you to give your car away, would you say yes? If you felt he was asking you to give up your television or your technology, would you do it?

If, on reflection, you feel there is something in your life you would not be willing to give up if God asked you to, then essentially you are serving that thing, not God. Jesus says we cannot serve both God and money. It’s impossible. If we want him to be Lord of our lives, then he has to be Lord of our purses and our wallets too.

God doesn’t need your money, of course. He can accomplish his purposes without it. But what he longs for is what your money represents: he wants your heart. Perhaps the best way in our modern life to show God that we have given him the whole of our hearts is to surrender control of our money to him. We may be willing to say that God is the centre of our life, but often our bank statement reveals that is not yet true.

Are you willing to cede control of your money to God? If so, then you will find the freedom to be his Future Builder and he will use it in service to him and to others.


Think about the following:

•           What can you start doing today so that the way you use your money reflects who or what you want your master to be?

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