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A Season to Find Yourself

Read Isaiah 45:14-25. What image do you have of yourself? Is it a good, positive one or a bad, negative one?

So many people seem to struggle with their self-image, including me on occasion. Part of the problem, of course, is that our image keeps changing. Or we keep changing our image! I’m not just talking about getting our hair coloured (for those with that luxury!). At times in my life, I have tried to project the image of a successful musician, a high-powered lawyer, and a “cool” youth worker.

Rather than focusing on our idea of ourselves, it would be better if we could learn to know who we are in God. When we allow the Holy Spirit to strip away our self-image, we discover the “righteousness and strength” in God’s image of us. That’s how he sees us! Isn’t that better than the judgements others pass on us, or worse still, the judgements we pass on ourselves? It’s a solid and enduring image too, not one that changes with our hair colour or our job!

What Christ’s coming promises us is that we are the children of God. Now that’s a self-image to cling on to! This Advent season let’s use the time to ensure we build our identities on Christ, the Rock of Ages.


Think about the following:

•Does your self-image ever get in the way of your relationship with God?

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