A Mother’s Day Sermon: Women of Valour

#MothersDay2024 #WomenofValour #MotheringSundayDiscover the character of Christ in Proverbs 31:10-31. Embrace the opportunity to be a woman of valour, reflecting love, service, and wisdom. Celebrate the strength of women and mothers. Join us this Mother's Day for a powerful sermon that will inspire and uplift you. Don't miss out on this celebration of motherhood and the remarkable women in our lives.

a mothers day sermon women of valour
Battle Ready Sermons
Battle Ready Sermons
A Mother’s Day Sermon: Women of Valour


Celebrate the valour of women and mothers on Mothering Sunday. Explore Proverbs 31:10-31 and learn how to cultivate the character of Christ. Discover practical ways to display valour in your daily life. Reflect the love and grace of Christ through unconditional love, vulnerability, service, integrity, and wisdom. Embrace the opportunity to nurture, love, and serve as a woman of valour. Honour and celebrate the strength and impact of women and mothers.

Notes on the Sermon

Welcome to our latest episode where we delve into the rich and often misunderstood portrait of motherhood and womanhood depicted in the iconic Proverbs chapter 31. Here are the highlights of today’s insightful discussion:

  • Unpacking the Roles: We kick off the show by exploring the various roles attributed to mothers, ranging from housekeeping to healthcare, and how these roles are humorously exaggerated to demonstrate the tireless nature of motherhood.
  • Proverbs 31 Explained: Our discussion then moves to the heart of Proverbs chapter 31. We dissect the acrostic poem structure and how it serves to emphasise the completeness of a virtuous woman’s character rather than setting an unrealistic standard for women to live up to.
  • The Pitfall of Literal Interpretation: We caution against taking this poetic scripture at face value. Our conversation encourages listeners to appreciate the hyperbolic language that aims to celebrate the essence of a godly woman rather than prescribing a daunting to-do list.
  • The Wife of Noble Character: What does this phrase really mean? We delve into the Hebrew roots of the phrase “The Wife of Noble Character” and what it conveys about the intrinsic value of a woman’s character over her actions.
  • Defining True Valour: The sermon highlights how true valour is measured by one’s character and conduct. We reflect on the qualities of justice, humility, compassion, and fairness as the true markers of a woman of valour.
  • A Modern Take on Ancient Wisdom: We connect the dots between the ancient text and contemporary life, encouraging all women to see themselves as women of valour, regardless of their day-to-day responsibilities or life stages.
  • Celebration and Recognition: Our episode wraps up with a call to celebrate and honour the women who live out these virtues daily, recognising the profound impact they have in their communities and families.
  • A Message of Identity in Christ: We conclude by reinforcing the idea that a great mother, and indeed any great woman, is defined by her identity in Christ rather than just her roles or tasks.

Don’t forget to tune in to the full episode to hear our in-depth sermon on these topics and how they apply to everyday life for women around the world. Whether you’re juggling multiple roles or striving to embody the virtues of Proverbs 31, this episode is for you!

By applying these principles in our lives, we can truly become women of valour, reflecting the character of Christ to the world around us.

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Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast This Week

This week, following Mothers’ Day, we are considering the character of the Woman of Valour described in Proverbs 31. Her values are ones we should all cultivate in our lives, with God’s help. Each weekday we share hope and encouragement as we read and study the Bible together.

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