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Discover the top articles on Christian leadership changing the game today, explore faith & guidance in leadership.


The quest for compelling articles on Christian leadership can often be an enlightening journey in itself. Reading such materials is a meaningful practice, offering fresh insights and renewing one’s commitment to Christ-centred leadership principles. This week, I’ve curated a selection of illuminating articles on Christian leadership that have inspired me and stimulated intriguing reflections.

These thought-provoking articles on Christian leadership draw upon a rich tapestry of wisdom distilled from Biblical principles, practical experience, and theoretical knowledge. From discovering how to cultivate a heart of service, to understanding the importance of effective communication in exercising exemplary leadership, the attention to detail in each narrative will surprise and invigorate. An appreciation of these teachings supports leaders in their quest to embody Christ-like values in their daily lives and to guide others with empathy, grit, and vision.

Drawing from a wide range of sources, the authors of these articles on Christian leadership earnestly share their knowledge with transparency and humility, enriching our understanding. While reading, readers can look forward to a unique blend of inspiration, encouragement, and realistic guidance that seeks to nourish one’s leadership journey. I am eager for you to share the enlightenment that I have found in these readings, leading to fruitful introspection, discussion, and action.

This Week’s Great Articles on Christian Leadership :

The Greying Church: Missional Dream or Maintenance Nightmare? by Stan Endicott & Dave Rhodes

“It’s no secret that the church of [the western hemisphere] is getting older. But is this greying a threat or an opportunity? In this article, Stan Endicott and I lay out the challenge that churches across [the western hemisphere] are facing and explain why this challenge might just be the greatest missional opportunity of our day. I encourage you to read the article and start imagining how your church can be part of the solution.”

Secrets of Top Team Players: Insights from 30,000 Leaders & William Vanderbloemen by Rich Birch

“Twelve habits among the successful. // In the last 15 years, Vanderbloemen Search Group has interviewed over 30,000 leaders. By studying the best of the best from this group, William sought to discover what these people had in common. He debunked the notion that exceptional individuals possess some innate quality or talent. Instead, he identified twelve habits common in these highly ranked leaders—referred to as “unicorns”—habits that are completely teachable and coachable.”

The Art of Sermon Illustrations by J.V. Fesko

“Sermon illustrations are one of the most challenging aspects of preaching, in my opinion. I haven’t done a survey of preaching professors or textbooks, but I suspect that they would all say that preachers should employ good illustrations to help the congregation grasp the point you’re making in your sermon. Well-meaning sermon illustrations can easily fall short in a variety of ways. As important as illustrations are, there are many pitfalls related to the pursuit of the perfect illustration.”


Consolidating the knowledge gained from the articles on Christian leadership, it is evident that each piece’s insights contribute to building an intricate understanding of dynamic leadership rooted in Christian principles. These articles on Christian leadership, serve to shine a light on the approaches and applications of Christian morality in the setup of leadership, from its adoption in personal life to professional settings. Taking the timeless wisdom of biblical teachings and their modern interpretations, the presented literature impressively showcases how vibrant and relevant Christian leadership can be in an evolving society.

In these articles on Christian leadership, we have traversed pathways of understanding that highlight the values of humility, resilience, and faith-driven decision making. They serve as invaluable resources for anyone seeking to incorporate these values and improve their leadership style. Rooted in empathy and compassionate understanding, these interpretative pieces equip us with understanding the reasons behind the effectiveness of Christ-centric leadership, making us realise the tangible impacts of principles we may subconsciously uphold in our lives.

Looking back at the nuggets of wisdom garnered from these articles on Christian leadership, we understand how these readings can be the compass guiding our actions and decisions in a way that radiates kindness, selflessness and genuine leadership. The transformative journey we embark on after reading these contributes to a holistic comprehension of Christian leadership, paving the way for effective and impactful leadership that brings about positive change. These readings reiterate the ever-pertinent importance of integrity and character in leadership, inspiring us to continually strive for excellence while upholding Christian values.

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