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50: How Small Groups Help Us Grow in Faith

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Read Romans 4:1-4; 15-17. Whilst we are saved by God through faith alone, we also know we need spiritual exercise too. There are things we can do to help strengthen our faith. We are looking at four of them during this week. We’ve already looked at the first three.

The final habit is to find a small group of Christians to share with. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your faith, it’s important to make sure that you have people in your life who will support and encourage you along the way. One of my favourite times of week is to join my online Growth Group and to read and discuss God’s Word together.

A small group can help strengthen our faith by reminding us that we are not alone. Small groups are a place where you can share your story, find people who understand you and relate to each other’s struggles and joys. We can support each other as we grow in faith together.

A small group helps us learn from each other because we’re encouraged to share openly about our struggles – and everyone has struggles! This creates an environment where everyone feels safe enough to talk about their feelings without judgment. But it also allows each person’s experience become part of the fabric of community life together.

And a small group helps us receive encouragement. We can get discouraged when things don’t go our way or when we feel like we’re struggling with something. But our small group can listen to our struggles and encourage us. They can even celebrate our victories with us!

The Bible tells us we need each other to grow as Christians and to strengthen our faith.

Think It Over

Think about the following:

  • Are you part of a small group? If not, who amongst your Christian friends might be willing to get together with you to start one?

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