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5: Who’s Your Role Model Going to Be in 2023?

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Read Luke 15:11-32. Do you have a role model? It might be someone in your life whom you admire – a parent, a teacher, a leader. Or it might be a celebrity – a footballer, a singer, a dancer.

When you read the story of the Lost Son, who do you identify with? Maybe you’re the lost son or daughter, returning to God after an absence from him? Maybe, if you’re honest, you can see some of yourself in the reaction of the older son – harbouring resentment against the lost son because the father chooses to show him grace.

As we begin 2023, I am sure that God wants us all to identify with the father rather than the two sons and make him our role model. As followers of Jesus, we are each on a journey to become more like him – growing his heart, his mind and his other-centredness in our lives each day.

That’s exactly what the father shows. He continues to show love and compassion to his lost son, scanning the horizon, praying, and hoping for his return.

We are called to resemble this father of love, compassion, and grace by allowing the Holy Spirit to make us more like the loving, compassionate and gracious Son.

Will you resolve to look more like Jesus in 2023? Will you make him your role model? As each of us opens to more of his Holy Spirit’s power in our lives this year then we will grow to greater Christian maturity and become who God wants us to be.


Think about the following:

  • Do your New Year’s resolutions reflect a desire to become more like Jesus in 2023?

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