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Home » Devotional » 42: Are You Ready to Hear God’s Voice?

42: Are You Ready to Hear God’s Voice?

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Today’s Battle Drill Devotional: Are You Ready to Hear God’s Voice?


Read Luke 8:4-15. Sometimes the reason we don’t hear God’s voice is because we don’t want to! We don’t want to give up control over our lives. We’re afraid of what God might say or what he might ask us to do or to stop doing.


If we want to hear from God, then we must be open to what he might say to us. We must be receptive. We’ve got to be ready.


Jesus describes a footpath where some of the seeds fell. A footpath is often narrow and hard. As people walk on it, it gets trampled down. The soil becomes compact. So, any seeds that fall on it will never be able to sprout because they can’t take root.


This is the tragedy of a narrow mind and a hard heart. It’s barren because nothing can grow there. Even if God speaks, his word cannot take root.


Let’s have open minds. Let’s be willing to hear what God has to say to us. Let’s accept his word. Let’s open our hearts and our minds to the possibilities he has for us.



Have you been ignoring something God has been telling you? Are you willing to change your response today?