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Home » Devotional » 41: Find a Quiet Place to Hear God’s Voice

41: Find a Quiet Place to Hear God’s Voice

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Today’s Battle Drill Devotional: Find a Quiet Place to Hear God’s Voice


Christians often talk about hearing God’s voice. What does it mean and how can we hear from God? This week we consider the environment we need and most especially the attitudes we must adopt to hear what God is saying to us.


Read Luke 8:4-15. Do you want to hear from God? That’s the fundamental question we all must answer first. If we do, then we need to find somewhere we can hear him.


Modern society is full of noise. Even if you live on our own, we often have the radio or television playing in the background. If we live with others, especially children, then it can sometimes feel like we don’t get a minute’s peace.


It is tough to find a quiet place in today’s world. But it’s also essential. Jesus tells us we need to find somewhere quiet and secluded. Somewhere we can be honest before God. Somewhere we can focus on him and listen to his voice (Matthew 6:6).


Finding somewhere quiet to listen for God shows him our desire to hear from him. You’re never going to hear from God if you’re not quiet enough to be able to listen. Will you make the decision to withdraw for a few minutes and simply be with God today?



Where is your quiet place? In what ways does it help you hear from God?