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Home » Devotional » 38: The Most Challenging Word in the Christian Dictionary – Wait!

38: The Most Challenging Word in the Christian Dictionary – Wait!

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Read Lamentations 3:1-33. Do you like waiting? I’m not sure any of us do! We hate waiting for food, drink, buses, traffic, and people. We finish other people’s sentences. We talk too fast. We love to be in control. Waiting on God when life is confusing is one of our greatest challenges. But that is what Jeremiah suggests. Amid affliction, he takes time to stop and wait. He thinks about what is happening. He grieves over his loss. He says, “it is good to wait quietly for salvation from the Lord” (Lamentations 3:26). Why? Because our waiting shows we understand God is in control. We are not. Too often in our lives we try to play God instead of letting God be God!


When we are stuck in the confusing in-between, when we’re not sure about what is going on and why, it can be frustrating. Often, understanding our situation can prove elusive. Finding a quick solution is out of the question. We simply have to learn to wait on God. He loves us. He is faithful. He has not abandoned us. One day he will act. Will we be ready?



How quickly do you move on from Good Friday to Easter Sunday? What might that have to say about your willingness to wait on God in the confusing in-between?