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38: Are You Really Following Jesus?

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Read Matthew 17:1-9. Have you ever been in a noisy, crowded room when a teacher, or someone else in authority has shouted for everyone to be quiet and listen? The silence that follows often seems like a miracle!

I wonder if that’s what happened on this high mountain to which Jesus brought his disciples Peter, James and John? I can imagine Peter babbling on about how wonderful the whole experience was and whether he should build these three shelters in remembrance of it all, when suddenly the voice of authority – the voice of God himself thunders: “This is my dearly beloved Son, who brings me great joy. Listen to him”.

Shut up, and listen! It’s a message I need to hear from God more often that I might choose to admit! Shut up, and listen! Don’t know what to do next? Shut up, and listen! Need direction and guidance over a big decision you need to make? Shut up, and listen!

Jesus is more than a great leader. He is more than simply the best example of how to live the human life. He is more than a good influence. He is the Son of God. When you understand this profound proof, then what other response is there but to shut up, and listen?

He is our authority for truth and guidance. We must listen to him. We must learn to pause and wait for his direction. We must align our lives to his will.

If we call Jesus, “Lord” then we have no choice but to listen to him and follow his guidance today.


Think about the following:

•           What is Jesus saying to you today?