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34: Rewriting Your Script with God

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Read Genesis 45:1-15. The situations we’ve faced and the experiences we’ve had, particularly in childhood, often give us negative messages or life scripts that unconsciously inform how we see the world and the decisions we make. Maybe your past circumstances have led you to feel that your life is a mistake. Perhaps you’ve faced situations that have left you feeling worthless. You may find it difficult to trust anyone. Maybe the pain and hurt you’ve faced has made you risk averse. Perhaps you feel like a loser. Joseph could have felt this way. He had plenty of reasons for feeling like this. He was painfully aware of his past. He could have taken the script written by his past and simply acted it out, never examining it to see if it were true.

But Joseph didn’t do that. He thought about his past. He faced the pain and hurt he endured. Then he allowed God to rewrite his script. God can help you rewrite your life script too. He can help you break free from your past and live in what he has for you right now. Are you willing to open yourself to him?


•In what ways might you be following the life script written by your past experiences rather than the new experiences God has for you today?