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31: Life is Defined by our Choices

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Moses encouraged God’s people to Choose Life. This week in Battle Drill devotionals, we explore what that means for us today.

Read Deuteronomy 30:15-20. One of my favourite bands of the 1980s used to wear t-shirts emblazoned with the anti-drug abuse and suicide slogan, Choose Life. But the phrase was not invented by fashion designer Katherine Hamnett. It comes straight from Scripture. As Moses reviewed God’s covenant with his people before they crossed over the Jordan into the Promised Land, he encouraged them to love God, obey his commands, and walk in his ways. In that way, they would choose life. But if they chose to turn away from God, refuse to listen to him, and to serve and worship other gods instead, then their choice would lead to death.

Our lives are defined by our choices. Good choices lead to life. Bad choices lead to death. Take difficult circumstances as an example. If we choose to respond to painful situations in positive ways, then they can help us grow and mature. If we choose to resent terrible things happening to us, and wonder “why me?” then in the end we will become bitter. Two people may face the same situation. How they respond and the choices they make will decide whether they experience life or death.

God will put choices in front of you today. How will you choose to respond? Will you choose life? Or will your choices lead to death?


Think about the following:

•           What choices is God placing before you just now? Will your response lead to life or to death?