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Home » Devotional » 27: The Imprint our Family Leaves on Us

27: The Imprint our Family Leaves on Us

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Read Mark 3:31-35. What beliefs does your family hold that still have an influence on you today? We often underestimate the deep imprint our families leave on us. But they teach us certain ways of behaving and thinking. These can be hard to break without God’s help and a life of biblical discipleship.

We are taught to believe things like the more money you have, the more important you are; avoiding conflict at all costs; sex must not be spoken about openly; you must get over losses quickly and move on; sarcasm is an acceptable way to release anger; you don’t air your family’s “dirty laundry” in public and so on. These beliefs affect us and our relationships today.

It is therefore essential that we reflect on these messages that have been handed down to us and submit them to God and to his Word. The cost of simply ignoring our past and its impact on our present is just too costly.

If our family’s script is contrary to God’s purposes for us, then we need to deal with them and ensure we are following God’s desires for our life rather than the rules and beliefs of our family. It’s time to go back to move forwards.


Think about the following:

•Are there any heroes in your family? What about losers? Why do you think of them that way?