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27: Share Your Emotions with God

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Read Exodus 2:11-25. How do you speak to God when you pray? Do you speak formally to him? Do you tell him what you think he wants to hear? Or are you honest with him?

Many Christians think they can’t be honest with God. They want to shout at him with anger about the situation they find themselves in, or express doubts about what is happening or perhaps whether he is working in their circumstances or not, but they don’t think that’s “religious” enough.

My answer is: have you read the Psalms? The psalms are full of the psalmist telling God exactly how they feel. The psalmist does not hold back! And in our passage for this week, the Israelites don’t just politely ask God if he could perhaps think about doing something about the slavery they find themselves in, and perhaps try to recall the promises he made. They shout! They cry out! They groan. And God doesn’t smite them! He doesn’t turn a deaf ear, thinking, well, if they can’t address me properly, then I’m not going to listen. He remembers and he gets ready to act.

God wants to hear your heart. He wants to hear from your honestly about your anger, your fears, your doubts, and everything else. God cares about what you’re going through and the pain it’s causing.

If you’re feeling hopeless, don’t just pray the same, emotionless prayer. Cry out. Groan. Shout. Whatever you need. God promises to hear and to respond.


Think about the following:

•          Do you think it’s wrong to be emotional with God? How does knowing that God wants to hear your heart change your thinking?