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236: Jesus Can Light Up Your Life

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The season leading up to Christmas – Advent – is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in hope. We can wait in certain hope knowing that God will always fulfil his promises to us. This week in Battle Drill Devotionals, we focus on some of those promises.

Read Isaiah 9:1-7. Are you looking for Christmas gifts yet? Whether you go window shopping and look in physical stores for the right presents for those around you, or whether you spend hours online scrolling through Amazon or other online retailers, many of us spend a significant amount of time looking, looking.

God’s people spend an awful lot of time looking – for light, for rescue, for the good things God promises. Isaiah’s prophecy looks in eager and hopeful anticipation for a great light to banish the deep darkness. He prophesies that light will come when “a child is born to us, a son is given to us” (Isaiah 9:6).

As we draw to the end of this year, at times, it has felt as if we have been surrounded by a great darkness: the darkness of war and conflict, the darkness of a cost of living crisis, the darkness of the continued impact of the global pandemic and its aftermath. We are lethargic and exhausted.

God promises to bring light, rescue, vitality, rest and above all hope, in his baby Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus can light up your life this Christmas. Will you look to his light today?


Think about the following:

•          Which do you think you will most need this Christmas? Light, rescue, vitality, rest or hope?