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23: The Best Way to be Happy

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Read Micah 6:1-8. Many people spend a lifetime pursuing happiness and yet never seem to find it. In one small verse, God sets out the requirements for finding true happiness. We’re going to look at the three of them over the next three days.

Firstly, God says you must “do what is right”. Many translations translate the Hebrew word of mišpāṭ as “act justly”, which gives it connotations of justice in a court of law. But generally, “do what is right” is a better translation. Mišpāṭ is about setting up every area of your life so that it matches God’s will and purpose for you. It means letting go of your advantages, comfort, and desires.

Thinking only about yourself, your problems, your worries, and your needs will lead to unhappiness. Genuinely caring about others and their needs, focusing on who needs your help and how others are doing is the best way to be happy.

As the United Kingdom and Ireland Salvation Army’s mission statement says, Love God, Love Others. That’s where you’ll find true happiness.


Think about the following:

•          What distractions in your own life keep you from focusing on the needs of others?