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Home » Devotional » 227: The Way You Bless Others Will Be Remembered

227: The Way You Bless Others Will Be Remembered

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Read Matthew 26:6-13. All of us remember people who are generous towards us. People who can’t wait to bless us because God has blessed them. Whether it’s their time, money or other resources they share with us, we remember their generosity.

The woman who anointed Jesus’ head with expensive perfume from her beautiful alabaster jar was certainly generous. The perfume is described in Mark’s gospel as pure nard, a fragrant ointment imported from the mountains of India. It was very expensive! Mary was nothing but radically generous with what she had.

What if you and I were as radically generous? What if our Salvation Army corps and churches were as radically generous? We are all responsible for what God has given us. But his blessings are not to be hoarded for ourselves. They are to be shared with others. We can use the resources God has given us – individually and corporately – to make an impact. A Kingdom impact. We can make an impact in our families, amongst our friends, in our neighbourhood, in our community, in our school or workplace and in the world at large. Christians and the Christian church can be remembered for their radical generosity. We have been blessed! Let’s be a blessing to others.


Think about the following:

•          What’s one practical step you can take this week to be radically generous towards someone?