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Home » Devotional » 218: Good Worship is Not a Feeling

218: Good Worship is Not a Feeling

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Read Nehemiah 8:1-11. How do you know when you’ve been to a good worship meeting or service? Is it when you get to sing your favourite song? Or hear a good piece of music sung or played by a talented group of musicians? Or hear your favourite Bible verse? Maybe when the preacher tells a funny joke? Many people seem to rely on their feelings when it comes to judging what a good worship meeting is. If they feel uplifted and encouraged then it’s been a good service.

It’s a good job Nehemiah and God’s people didn’t think that way! Nehemiah 8:9-10 tell us their worship left them mourning, weeping, dejected and sad! They had listened so closely to the Word of God they realised there lives were far from the ones God wanted them to lead. They had discovered that worship wasn’t seeking an experience, a feeling – it was seeking God.

God doesn’t want us to depend on our feelings when we worship. He wants us to seek him. To focus on him. To listen intently for what he has to say to us. As we do, we are drawn into a closer and deeper relationship with him. That’s the reason we worship.


Think about the following:

•          How do these thoughts about worship change your attitude to the worship meetings and services you attend in church?