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Home » Devotional » 21: The More Gratitude You Show, the Happier You Will Be

21: The More Gratitude You Show, the Happier You Will Be

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Many people spend their lives seeking happiness. This week in Battle Drill Devotionals, we discover God’s surprisingly simple requirement for happiness.

Read Micah 6:1-8. Are you grateful for the people around you, or are you guilty of taking them for granted? It takes effort to show gratitude to those around you.

The people of God were guilty of taking God for granted. They had forgotten all he had done for them over the years and yet they had grown tired of him and his will and purpose for their lives.

If only they had remained grateful that God had freed them from slavery and helped them escape Egypt. If only they would recall that God had raised up godly leaders for them, starting with Moses, Aaron and Miriam. How could they forget that God had saved them from the curse of Balak. How could they take for granted the Promised Land that God had given them and led them towards.

When we, like the children of Israel, refuse to see how fortunate we are as God’s children and begin to take all God gives us for granted, we become self-absorbed, just like they did. Everything centres around us, our lives, and our priorities.

The antidote to this is to regularly remember God’s goodness to us and to thank him for it. Remembering what God has done for us in the past will help us see what he is doing for us in the present.


Think about the following:

  • What are you grateful to God for today?