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193: The Best Use of Your Money

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Read Luke 16:1-15.What’s the best thing you can spend your money on? In Luke 16:9, which is a verse we don’t focus on very often, Jesus says the best thing we can do is invest in resources that will have an eternal impact.

Jesus tells us to invest in friendships that will literally last for ever. When you use money to help people find or build a relationship with Jesus, that’s the shrewdest investment you can make with your finances. So how can you do that? You could buy a Bible or a devotional book and give it to someone who doesn’t have one. You can support a programme that introduces people to Christ. You can help build a church – a place where people can learn to love God and love others. There are many different ways to invest in eternity.

Please do not misunderstand Jesus, or me. Jesus is not saying you can buy your way into heaven. He knew that one day, he would pay the price for us to enjoy eternity with God. But you can use your money to help others meet Jesus. When you do, you can be assured that one day, you will receive a reward in heaven as you meet those people you have helped into the Christian faith.


Think about the following:

•           What are some ways you can use your money to invest in helping others meet Jesus?