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Home » Devotional » 189: You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

189: You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

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Read Ephesians 4:1-16. “I’m not a team player. I’d rather be alone. I’m an outlier”. Have you ever said anything like that?

The Bible tells us that every Christian is a team player. Why? Because that’s the way God designed us! We were never meant to walk through life alone. Every church, every Salvation Army corps, every Christian community should be a place where the followers of Christ walk together, work together and support each other.

Why has God designed it this way? First of all, it is safer. Most of us would not walk through a major city on our own in the dark. In the same way, the devil finds it much easier to pick off an isolated Christian than one who is deeply part of a loving community. Secondly, it helps us to grow in spiritual maturity. We learn more in a community than we do out on our own. If you walk and work alone, you come to think that whatever direction you’re heading in, you must be right. Sometimes, we need each other to say, “hang on, we’re going the wrong way. We need to get back on the right path together”.

God has designed it that you and I need to live, walk and work with other people in order to grow into the people God longs for us to be. God is love and he wants us to Love God and Love Others. We can only do that together.


Think about the following:

•           Are you a loner or a team player? How do you think that impacts your spiritual maturity and your Christian community?