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186: You Belong!

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One of the greatest strengths of a healthy church is the loving relationships between its members. This week we focus on how to cultivate those relationships.

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. Why do Salvationists wear uniform? One very important reason is that it is a visible sign of unity in our movement across the world. Even our local name patches have a way of saying we belong to each other and the community we serve. Our uniform shows we belong to Christ and to the part of the family of God that is The Salvation Army.

Just because we wear uniform, it doesn’t mean we are all the same. Just as our physical body is made of many different parts, so is the church. But like our body, we are meant to work together in unity. We may have differences in culture, in race, in national background, in education, in family circumstances, but our uniform says it doesn’t matter. We are each baptised into the same Holy Spirit and that makes it possible for us to wear the same uniform and work together in unity.

God can do amazing work through a church or Salvation Army corps that is unified and focused on spreading his Good News. Are you willing to look past any differences that don’t really matter and focus on working together with your fellow Christians and Salvationists towards God’s purposes on earth?


Think about the following:

•           The Christians and Salvationists in your church or Salvation Army corps are your brothers and sisters in Christ. How does that change the way you feel about them?