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183: If You Want to be Happy, Give Your Life Away

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Read Mark 10:35-45. What makes you happy? I wonder if the Crown Jewels made the Queen happy? Maybe it was her wealth? Perhaps it was the castles and the palaces? Or the acclaim of people around the world?

Whilst Her Majesty may have enjoyed some of these things – it is clear, for example, that she enjoyed spending time at Balmoral, Sandringham and Windsor especially, and clearly enjoyed making other people happy – she also famously would have preferred not to have been Queen.

What made her happiest, I believe, was serving other people. Giving herself away to others is what gave her a happy heart. You only have to see photos or film of her broad and winning smile as she greeted and spoke to people to understand that. A servant’s heart is a happy heart!

Jesus came to serve and to give his life for others. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II followed his example and served others for the whole of her life as Queen. It gave her lifelong happiness as God blessed her work.

How is your faith encouraging you to offer your life as a living sacrifice to God and to others?


Think about the following:

•          When have you experienced happiness through serving other people?


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