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163: God’s Presence Transforms

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Read Luke 19:1-10. Over the years, I have heard several people testify to a dramatic change in their lives because of their encounter with Jesus. My experience is less dramatic, but nevertheless, I have been slowly transformed throughout my life by the presence of Jesus.

Zacchaeus’ life changed in one day. He woke up a tax collector. Corrupt, deceitful, isolated from his people as a traitor. By the end of the day his heart had been changed. He was willing to pay back those he had cheated and to be generous towards them instead. His transformation was so complete it must have staggered those who were there that day.

All because of the presence of Jesus in Jericho that day. His presence is transforming. But Zacchaeus had his part to play he had to be willing to change.

As we encounter Jesus in our own lives, the question is: are we willing to be transformed by him? Whether dramatic or small, the challenge is to allow our encounters with Jesus to be moments of real change for us.


Think about the following:

•           Have your encounters with Jesus produced a change in your lifestyle, beliefs, and attitudes?