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162: Jesus Calls You by Name

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Read Luke 19:1-10. Having recently taken up a new appointment, I am getting to know, and hopefully to remember, people’s names. I must admit to making a few mistakes in the early days! I am always mortified because I know how important it is to be known by name. When someone knows your name, it confirms they know you.

When Jesus finds Zacchaeus, he calls him by name. That must have been a shock to Zacchaeus, because as far as we know, Jesus had never met him before. But he knewZacchaeus.

As God the Son, Jesus knows Zacchaeus better than he knew himself. He knows about the corruption. He knows about the deceit. He knows about the sin. Yet, Jesus still calls him. He calls him by name: Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus means “Pure One”. Jesus calls Zacchaeus “Pure One”. He was far from that! But Jesus could see past his sin to what he could become, who he was, deep inside.

Jesus knows you too. Yes, he sees the mistakes we make and the failures we have. But he sees far beyond those to what we can become, who we are, in the power of his Holy Spirit. Are you willing to allow him to make you into a Pure One too?


Think about the following:

•           How do you feel knowing Jesus affirms you not for who you are but for who you could be in his power?