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157: Seeing God’s Vision is Essential

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Read Nehemiah 2:11-20. I’m pretty useless without my glasses on. I can see blurry shapes, but not much detail. Similarly, if you ever come to say hello at my office door when I am using my computer, I may not recognise you, as my reading glasses make everything further away look blurry too!

For Future Builders, being able to see God’s vision clearly is essential. If you don’t know what God’s vision for your life or for the mission of your church is, then it is more difficult to make the right decisions about what to do. You end up drifting through life and ministry instead.

If you cannot see God’s vision for your life, then you are at risk of living life to the expectations of others. A church without a sense of God’s vision is likely to lead to conflict as different groups in the church assume what the vision is.

Not being able to see God’s vision clearly often leads to conflict, at home and at church. Visionless people and churches often lurch from one crisis to another as they are buffeted from all sides.

Nehemiah carried out a night survey on Jerusalem’s broken walls so he could mull over the vision God had given him. As a result he could see more clearly and had a better understanding of how to move forward.


Think about the following:

•          What vision do you think God has for you?