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Home » Devotional » 149: God’s Power Shines Best in the Darkness

149: God’s Power Shines Best in the Darkness

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Read Nehemiah 1:1-11. Do you ever wonder if God is still working when your circumstances seem dark? How can he be in control when you face such difficult circumstances?


Nehemiah’s story comes in the darkest and most difficult days for God’s people. Most of them had been exiled from Israel. A small number of them had returned to Jerusalem 70 years before, but the city and its walls were in dire condition. This was not their glory days. Persecution was rife.


But thank God his work is accomplished even in the difficult days. Through Nehemiah’s availability and faithfulness, the walls are rebuilt, and God’s people return to him. God’s power shines best in the darkness!


Like everyone and everything else, the Church suddenly found itself in a dark and difficult place during the pandemic. But God has still added people to his Church and to his Kingdom. They have still been built up, one person at a time. He has done great things in and through us. Praise him for his faithfulness, even in the darkest times!



Think about the following:

Can you look back and see God working in your darkest times?