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147: What Kind of Builder Will You Be?

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Read Nehemiah 1:1-11. Sadly, not everyone in a church is a Future Builder.


Unfortunately, some people in a church are destructionists. They cannot help but tear down the work of God. They criticise. They moan. They gossip. They drain the church of any sense of inspiration. They plant seeds of mistrust amongst other members.


Others are obstructionists. They get in the way of the work of God. Their favourite word is “no”. They will try to put a stop to anything that isn’t “always the way we’ve done things around here”. They stamp on initiative and turn away from new ideas.


If I ever become a destructionist or an obstructionist, I hope and pray someone wise will take me aside and encourage me to sort myself out!


I would rather follow Nehemiah’s example. He was a constructionist – Future Builder. He assisted in building the work of God. He heard about the poor state of Jerusalem’s walls, heard God’s call to rebuild them, and acted. He managed this amazing feat of engineering and construction in just 52 days!


What about you? Will you be a Future Builder? Will you be a constructionist? Will you pledge to build God’s Church and grow God’s Kingdom wherever you are?



Think about the following:

What is God specifically calling you to do to build his Church? What is your response?