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10: You Bring God Great Joy

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Read Matthew 3:13-17. Do you know how much God loves you? God created you to love you. Love is the essence of his nature. So he cannot help but love you. He wants to love you. He enjoys you. He takes pleasure in you all the time.

And it’s not because of what you do for him. When Jesus came up out of the waters of the River Jordan following his baptism, a voice from heaven said, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy”. Jesus hadn’t done anything yet! He was just about to start his ministry. And before he had the opportunity to do great things for God, God exclaimed that he already loved him and that he already gave him great joy!

Some Christians only think God is pleased with them when they are doing something “religious” for him. That’s just plain wrong! God loves watching you, whatever you’re doing, because he made you who you are.

If you ever struggle with knowing who you are, or with a lack of self-worth, then take this truth on board today: you are OK. You are wonderful, in fact! You are great. You are a beloved child of God. It’s in his love that we find our soul, our identity, and our life purpose.


Think about the following:

  • Do you struggle to accept the truth that God takes pleasure in you and loves you? Why?


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